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The world is becoming more and more complex. Questions are becoming more and more challenging. Answers have to be provided more and more quickly. This is a situation that will not change. Quite the contrary. The unexpected becomes possible. This is why a plan is required. This must show alternatives and options and offer reliable securities and freedoms. Even if you had a plan already, your situation in life will change again and your plan will need to be upgraded. This is why the Asset Planning Centre (VPZ) accompanies you through your entire life, in an independent but therefore personal and sustainable manner! VPZ is your logical partner for all situations in life: From asset planning via retirement planning through to tax planning! Just feel free to contact us now.

Financial check-up.

For which stages of life have you planned in advance? Simply do our financial check-up and you will receive your individual assessment straight away: The more of the below eight stages you have planned for chronologically, the “greener” your circle will be! That is, the greener the circle, the better and more pragmatically you are prepared for different situations in life. As soon as the results are red segments, these represent your risks. It is especially these risks which you ought to discuss and optimise with an independent partner at any rate.


1 Assets
2 Occupation
3 Provisions
4 Tax
5 Family
6 Mortgage
7 Pension
8 Estate


The network of VPZ locations has been built in such a way that we are always close to you. For efficient advice, just come to see us. Make an appointment for a consultation today or do our financial check-up right now. After evaluating this, we will contact you immediately without obligation. We will, of course, also be at your disposal for personal advice.

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Horn office

Vermögens Planungs Zentrum AG

Seestrasse 27 CH-9326 Horn Phone +41 71 282 22 88

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Vermögens Planungs Zentrum AG

Zürcherstrasse 82 CH-8640 Rapperswil Phone +41 55 220 02 50

Headquarters Zürich-Flughafen

Vermögens Planungs Zentrum AG

Postfach, 8058 Zürich-Flughafen Balz Zimmermann-Strasse 7 CH-8302 Kloten Phone +41 44 880 11 11

Zug office

Vermögens Planungs Zentrum AG

Baarerstrasse 78 CH-6301 Zug Phone +41 41 511 39 88

St. Gallen office

Vermögens Planungs Zentrum AG

Bankgasse 8 CH-9000 St. Gallen Phone +41 71 282 22 88

Call us now for a free consultation or send us your contact details. We will contact you without delay. Use our free VPZ hotline: 0800 822 288.

Our team.

The secret of our success is nothing else but serious work, combined with a lot of experience and professional skills. This makes us experts in the areas of asset planning, pension and estate planning, tax optimisation, and of mortgage and legal issues. You would like to find out more? Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.


Advice, administration and services

Expert advisory board

Success parameters.

Our holistic and independent consulting approach has distinguished us since the foundation of our company in 2001 and has been our most important factor of success ever since. At VPZ, you take centre stage and, together with you, in confidential and personal talks, we seek an individual solution for you that is tailor-made, sustainable, long-term and always success-oriented!

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Thanks to an inheritance, a sale of company shares, a career jump, or retirement, funds can suddenly start to grow. This is precisely why everyone should constantly observe and weigh his individual situation in life, the income, the family situation but also plans for the future and related considerations. This is because inflows and outflows of assets can bring about opportunities but also risks. Individual situations in life demand equally individual planning. We will give you some inspirations to consider.

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