Luckily enough, we are living longer and longer!

In addition, we also feel fit, balanced and healthy in life after our career. A positive development. The problem is, however, that, due to increased life expectancy and the significantly longer duration of our twilight years, the financing of retirement provisions is coming increasingly under pressure. High time, therefore, for individual planning and preparing your personal retirement.

There are more and more people who would like to work even well beyond retirement. Other people, in return, start reducing their workload long before retirement.
But one thing always remains the same: Without planning, less and less money will be available with the reduction of work performance.

Therefore, the sooner you plan a reduction of gainful employment, the easier it will be to organise and enjoy your retirement according to your own ideas later on. To achieve this, the capital for your private retirement provision will have to be invested consciously and systematically.

For this reason, VPZ will look into your budget planning intensively. There, we know all the available options and, together with you, we will always find a suitable solution to make sure you will be able to maintain and enjoy your standard of living in retirement as usual.

Early preparation for the third stage of your life is worth it at any rate. Personal objectives, individual wishes and needs and related issues often remain unsolved and it makes sense that they be analysed and clarified through sound professional pension planning from age 50.

For a pension that is to meet your requirements, there are many criteria that will have to be taken into account. For instance, the tax burden should be reduced to achieve a surplus of your pension. Any inheritance regulation should also be integrated into the holistic planning at an early stage, so that your pension does not become an unnecessary burden.

We will be at your disposal as your specialised and personal point of contact for the following issues:

  • Ordinary retirement
  • Early retirement
  • Pension fund – regular payments or lump sum?
  • Tax optimisation up to retirement and beyond
  • Mortgages after retirement
  • Inheritance and estate regulations – which solution makes the most sense?
  • Asset investments – which investment instruments and strategies correspond to your risk capacity and risk tolerance?
  • AHV (state-run old-age and survivors’ insurance) benefits and obligations to contribute

We will accompany you as fully independent advisors with a holistic approach from the very beginning. To this end, VPZ will offer uncomplicated and tailor-made support just for you.

Mirco Signorell Geschäftsführender Partner der VPZ Vermögens Planungs Zentrum AG

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