Foresighted inheritance and estate planning will prevent

disputes and controversies among your heirs and will also ensure that your assets are passed on exactly according to your wishes. Or would you want to leave it to chance what is going to happen to your assets once you are no longer there? It will be better you take care of this important matter sooner rather than later.

You own or acquire various assets throughout your life. For instance, your residential property: you take care of it and make sure your home is well maintained in a responsible manner.

Have you ever asked yourself who is to inherit your assets and how the financial situation would look like for your relatives after your death? Have you regulated your estate? If not, it will be of great importance for you to look into this matter and to also discuss this with your immediate family, as inheritance regulation does not start only in a sickbed.

With early inheritance and estate planning, you will provide your descendants with a sense of security that things will run exactly according to your ideas and wishes, as the law leaves quite some room for individual solutions. Undesirable conflicts can be unequivocally avoided by way of a clear regulation.

Make use of this room and find an individual solution that matches your situation in life with one of our specialists. Together, we will look into the following issues:

  • Will
  • Marriage and inheritance contract
  • Situation with concubinage
  • Which are the tax consequences
  • Powers of attorney and living will
  • Anticipated inheritance
  • Gift
  • Right of usufruct
  • Intergenerational contract
  • Preferential treatment
  • Execution of a will
  • Lasting power of attorney
  • Asset protection thanks to foundation Light

We will accompany you as fully independent advisors with a holistic approach from the very beginning. To this end, VPZ will offer uncomplicated and tailor-made support just for you.

Mirco Signorell Geschäftsführender Partner der VPZ Vermögens Planungs Zentrum AG

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