General Information.


1. Scope covering (potential) customers of VPZ and third parties
This information sheet is intended for (potential) customers (hereinafter the «Customer») of VPZ Vermögens Planungs Zentrum AG (hereinafter «VPZ»).

It is also targeted at (potential) customers of third parties with whom VPZ collaborates. The (potential) Customer of a third party does not have to be in a contractual relationship with VPZ.

2. Company, address, fields of activity and supervision status
VPZ is registered as an independent intermediary (intermediary number 13,954) in the official register pursuant to the Swiss Insurance Supervision Act. She is an active member of the Swiss Association of Financial Advisors (SFBV), SRO-member VQF – an officially recognized self-regulatory organization (SRO) according to the Anti-Money-Laundering Act (AMLA) and a certified Cicero member. Furthermore, the advisors of VPZ are registered in the Swiss Register of Client Advisors according to FIDLEG by BX Swiss AG.

VPZ Vermögens Planungs Zentrum AG
Balz Zimmermann-Strasse 7
8302 Kloten
044 880 11 11

Fields of activity: consulting, analysis and planning services relating to finances, assets, investments, taxes, pensions and retirement, inheritance and insurance.

3. Complaints, conciliation procedure and ombudsman’s office
The Customer is invited to inform VPZ of any complaints regarding the services of VPZ so that a solution can be found together. Should this be ineffective, the Customer may initiate a conciliation procedure with the following ombudsman’s office:

Verein Ombudsstelle Finanzdienstleister (OFD)
Bleicherweg 10
8002 Zurich

4. Risks
The risks associated with the purchase of financial products will be explained to the Customer in writing prior to conclusion of such a purchase. The Customer can download the brochure «Risks Involved in Trading Financial Instruments» from the Swiss Bankers Association at, on the VPZ AG website or from the provider of the product in question.

5. Product information
Product information is usually provided separately. Before the investment process, an assessment of appropriateness and/or suitability is always carried out.

6. Costs and payment from third parties
VPZ shall be paid for its expenses, either by the Customer itself and/or by third parties. The costs for the Customer and payments from third parties are set out in a separate form.

7. Economic links to third parties and conflicts of interest
VPZ has taken appropriate organisational measures to avoid conflicts of interest between it and the Customer or between its employees and the Customer, and to prevent discrimination against the Customer as a result of a conflict of interest.

8. Market offer
VPZ generally only takes into account third-party financial instruments when selecting financial instruments.

9. Liability
VPZ’s liability shall be expressly excluded where legally permissible. In particular, VPZ shall not be held liable for: slight or moderate negligence, false or incomplete information provided by the Customer, transfer errors (including lost, delayed or incomplete transfers), legal advice (unless this has been separately agreed), fiscal consequences, general and specific market and product risks, unrealised gains as a result of not being able to reach the Customer or reaching the Customer too late, force majeure or third-party services.

10. Involvment of third parties
VPZ may involve third parties when providing its services.

11. Communication and last known address
The Customer shall communicate with VPZ in writing, by telephone, by email or via other electronic communication channels. Notice from VPZ shall be deemed to have been received when sent to the last known address (in writing, by telephone, by email or via other electronic communication channels).

12. Data protection and disclosure
VPZ shall process the Customer’s personal data in accordance with the relevant data protection regulations. The Customer consents to his/her personal data being passed on within the VPZ Group (VPZ Vermögens Planungs Zentrum AG, VPZ Investment AG) and to partner companies for the purpose of creating its financial concept. Detailed information can be found at

13. Right of revocation
The Customer may revoke the application to conclude an agreement or its declaration of acceptance at VPZ provided that Article 40a et seq. of the Swiss Code of Obligations (Revocation in door-to-door sales and similar contracts) applies.

14. Amendments
Any amendments unilaterally made by VPZ to regulations concerning the Customer shall become valid unless the Customer objects thereto within 14 days after having been duly notified thereof.

15. Advertisements
This General Information constitutes advertising. Any brochures, simplified brochures, key investor information documents (KIIDs) or basic information sheets on individual financial instruments can be obtained from VPZ free of charge.