You are living here and now?

You do not think too much about the future and still want to start a family? So, you should take the right financial decisions in the right direction from the very beginning. Starting a family also always means change. Not only to your family situation. To finance also. In a household with children, both the revenue and the expenditure sides often change at the same time.

Note the advantages of early family planning from a financial point of view. In particular, the issues of inheritance and estate regulations and any educational endowment insurances or banking solutions for your children can be adjusted to your individual situation, so that you are protected against unpleasant surprises.

Often it is not known that disability due to illness, unlike disability due to accident, is only insufficiently insured, although this is by far the more frequent reason why someone can no longer pursue his profession. Protect yourself and your relatives against such a provision gap.

Check your provision situation on a regular basis. Otherwise, you might just miss opportunities and overlook any benefit gaps due to legal changes or reversals of trends in politics and the economy.

VPZ will show you how to enjoy immediate benefits without major changes:

  • Budget and liquidity planning
  • Private provisions and insurances
  • Tax law concerning the family
  • Matrimonial and inheritance law
  • Banking transactions
  • Asset generation and development
  • Checking for the optimal housing situation (rent / property)
  • Financing of real estate

We will accompany you as completely independent advisors with a holistic approach from the very beginning. To this end, VPZ will offer uncomplicated support that is tailor-made for you.

Michael Bischof Beratung & Projektplanung der VPZ Vermögens Planungs Zentrum AG

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