Luckily enough, we are living longer and longer,

but this is also exactly why our statutory pension system is coming under increasing pressure. Benefits and conditions of both the first pillar (state-run pension scheme) and the second pillar (occupational pension scheme) will continue to change in future, with ensuing adjustments to benefits. Due to the fact that today people on average are living as long again after the work process, many questions concerning individual and private retirement planning inevitably arise. Only timely clarification of your entitlement to benefits can show realistically how the future will look like.

Generally speaking, the subject of retirement provision is simply a closed book for many. A subject which lacks any detailed understanding and rather triggers negative feelings. Many people also erroneously hold that we in Switzerland are secured well and sufficiently enough. But is that really the case? – Well, appearances are often deceptive.

The complexity of our pension system and the above changes require an in-depth and professional analysis of the private pension situation. In this way, it will be possible to detect any benefit gaps and to take measures for their closure.

Many different situations show that the benefits of the first and second pillars (state-run and occupational pension schemes) are not sufficient to maintain the accustomed and often necessary standard of living in the event of disability, death or after retirement. It is therefore all the more important to strengthen the private third pillar (private pension scheme) at an early stage and to close any pension gaps. Both banks and insurance companies offer suitable provision solutions. However, it will not be easy for you to find your way with all these countless products of individual providers, to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of individual solutions and thus to find to right measure for you. The differences with regard to the price-performance ratio can be enormous. In order to also integrate any framework conditions relating to tax and inheritance law, including, of course, any budget issues, it is vital to have the support of holistic and, above all, independent advice.

Your provision specialist will show you, on the basis of an in-depth analysis of your current situation, where you are positioned, which benefits gaps there are and how these could be closed in the most sensible way. Act on that issue which is so important for your future in good time, and address your individual private provision planning!

We are at your disposal for the following issues:

  • Analysis of underinsurances and overinsurances
  • Optimisation of pillars 3a and 3b
  • Protection through provisions in the event of disability / death / retirement
  • Analysis of your retirement fund

We will accompany you as completely independent advisors with a holistic approach from the very beginning. To this end, VPZ will offer uncomplicated support that is tailor-made for you.

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