Moving to a new country is at the same time a new beginning.

The purpose of new beginnings is basically to lay solid foundations. However, there are many challenges awaiting those who have moved and are new to Switzerland: Where will I live? Where will my children go to school? How do I organise the move? Which insurances will I need? With which bank will I open my accounts? How shall I organise the financial side?

After an apprenticeship, studies or further education, many people aspire to prove themselves abroad. This is why gaining experience with a major company is right at the top of the wish list for many. Others again would like to move to Switzerland with their whole family from abroad. Here, offers for well-trained specialists are all too tempting. But how will all this exactly work in detail?

We will be at your disposal as your specialised and personal point of contact for the following issues:

  • Residence and permanent residence permits
  • Housing (rent or purchase)
  • Medical care
  • Schools for the children
  • Choice of legal form for legal persons
  • Banking transactions
  • Asset generation and development
  • Insurance solutions
  • Provision coverage
  • Tax issues and optimisation
  • Education and training opportunities
  • Inheritance and estate planning

We will accompany you as fully independent advisors with a holistic approach from the very beginning. To this end, VPZ will offer uncomplicated and tailor-made support just for you.

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